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7Nirvana - The Logo

Since the time I remember – it has been very clear in my mind that I want to create, I want to build spaces. As my journey into understanding life and how it has progressed, I have gone deeper into design and the urge to create spaces which are more meaningful, that make you feel one with yourself and bring out the best in You, has become imperative.

As Architects & Interior Designers we carry a great responsibility to create the world around us which is conducive to growth, to health, to wellbeing. I want each one of us to take this existence as Architects and Interior designers to its highest potential through 7NIRVANA – the vehicle of light weaving the seeds of life for everyone.

7NIRVANA was incepted in 2020 – in the middle of COVID – it was that time of introspection for me and the inception of NIRVANA which I believe was synchronicity at its Best.

I aim to build beautiful spaces for that particular cause or that individual to bring out the best in them; and this vehicle of LIGHT which is 7NIRVANA is my modus operandi!

The Logo is an extension of our passion which completely justifies US!


The SEED of Life

The Seed/Flower of Life is the geometric matrix from which all creation is generated; it’s the most significant of the symbols of sacred geometry.

Withing this is encoded the pattern of all creation – it’s the universal language & the key to understanding the wisdom of all cultures & civilizations, nature, the value of colour, sound and more!

It makes the basis of our Logo.


The vehicle of Light

Merkabah, comes from a Hebrew word meaning chariot, or vehicle, and can also be defined as light, spirit, body. This word is divided into three syllables, each of which has its own meaning

MER: Light; KA: Spirit; BA: Body – The full meaning refers to the union of the spirit with the body, surrounded by light.

The Merkabah Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions to create a 3-dimensional energy field.

You can activate this vehicle of light around your own body with practiced meditation and breathing techniques. The Merkabah is said to provide protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The Merkabah shape reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection and growth.

You are the vehicle of your existence, the centre of you as is in the Logo.


To reach the extent that lies within the powers of something in this case US.

In the logo we keep us as the centre of all. The things or happenstances orbit us and can be in total control for a favourable outcome. 

 Which in turn completes the Logo



The unique number 7 has many scientific meanings but for me it’s 7 sides to us!

The 4 directions of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WEST

Above us is the FATHER SKY

Below us is MOTHER EARTH

And the most important is WITHIN US – the centre.

To realise our selves, recognise ourselves, and our potential without any inhibitions or past conditioning – from the inside out! And become the highest version of ourselves.

The number 7 represents US.

The eternal state of being one with ourselves, in complete Union of Body, Mind & Spirit. Together 7NIRVANA is like; in my words – 7TH Heaven, my state of eternal bliss, to being the purest form of Me.


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