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Modern-Day Greats of Design

Modern-Day Greats of Design

Well, well, well, this is as difficult as well as easy for me! Whilst there...

My Inspiration and Aspirations

Well, well, well, this is as difficult as well as easy for me! Whilst there are many Interior Designers and Architects who inspire me but the ones that most resonate and push me are none other than Zaha Hadid and Kelly Wearstler!

In my world of design and the greats for me, who inspire me and make me aspire for more or I would say bring out the best in me are these 2 women who have broken the glass ceiling in this world of design. They need no introduction but, in my words, I’d like to highlight what they brought out in me and keep doing so.

Modern-Day Greats of Design

Zaha Hadid

She transformed architecture with daring structures that won her many awards throughout her career. She hated the fact that people would somehow correlate her exceptionalism as an architect with the fact that she was a woman – being a woman I can completely relate to such prejudice.

We are rebels in many ways, as interior designers our imagination has no limits. If we can imagine it, we can create it! That’s the mantra I follow – and Zaha Hadid pushed me to believe that even more.

Her formal interests in form and particularly parametric form generation were completely unique and unimaginable but she made it possible. With her 1st club in Hong Kong, her career really took off from there. Though it was never constructed, this work established her as a promising young voice and exposed a creative process, described as a “reflexive connection between the mind and the hand.”

This statement is such a characteristic of a designer which only a few recognize and follow through with it. As the design is just that – when it comes naturally from within and when executed feels like seemingly erupting from the landscape itself which defies easy definitions.

She played the game the way the star men designers played the game with strong views of what was right and wrong! But she got her stuff built!

A British designer left the architecture community in March 2016 – known as the “Queen of the Curve” for her swooping, elegantly complex designs.

Kelly Wearstler

She believes designing is storytelling and how better can one describe this journey? She says “Love color, take risks, stay curious” just what I am!

Her approach towards a project starts from being a good listener and like I always say, we designers are empaths who run through the clients’ vision, and through our filters, we tell their story, how they want to feel and experience the world.

Her designs honor the history, location, and architecture of the space she is about to create and that comes out so distinctly in all her projects. Her designs are such that explore intelligent use of materials, juxtapose styles from a range of eras, and bring a touch of the unexpected. Her views on mother nature as the best designer and interiors that play upon the raw, natural beauty of an environment as the most beautiful are some views that I resonate with.

The Unstoppable Kelly Wearstler from being an interior designer for homes, and hotels and now also reimagining a new car, has transformed herself from an influential voice in American decor to an incessant force of nature for me too!

If I must ever imagine myself 10 years from now, it would be like her! Full of energy, who thrives on being busy and feeling alive every moment.

These two women are who I go back to every time. Encouraging, pushing, and inspiring me to be the best version of myself. Their characteristics, the passion they possess, and the way they view life are somehow inbred in me and I take them as my catalyst in this journey called life.

Thank you to these Power Packed Women who inspire me to aspire for more!

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