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Design Chronicles


Design Chronicles

Welcome back to Design Chronicles! Today, I’m excited to share the journey of transforming a stunning lake house in Powai, Mumbai. Overlooking the serene Powai Lake, this 3500 SQFT home offers a view we simply cannot take our eyes off. The challenge? Converting a 5-bedroom layout into a luxurious 3-bedroom haven while ensuring Vastu compliance. Let me take you through how we achieved this.

The Brief

“When I first walked into this lake house, the view was simply breathtaking. However, the space posed a significant challenge: the entire building was built at an angle that didn’t suit Vastu compliance. My task was to maximize the lake views while creating a spacious, luxurious home. Originally a 5-bedroom layout, the plan was to convert it into a 3-bedroom sanctuary, with a grand master suite as the focal point.

As an interior designer this project was a playground for creativity! We had to rethink the space entirely. After determining the north direction, we realized none of the walls could remain as per the original plan. Instead, they had to be adjusted to a 45-degree angle to meet Vastu principles. This was a complex puzzle but an exciting one!”

Design Concept and Execution

Embracing the Lake View

One of my primary goals was to ensure that the stunning view of Powai Lake could be enjoyed from as many bedrooms as possible. We installed large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and master bedroom. The natural light that poured in enhanced the sense of space and tranquillity—key elements in effective interior design.

The Living Room:

Step into a world of elegance as you enter the home, greeted by a spacious living room that effortlessly blends with an open kitchen and a central dining area. This vibrant hub, strategically positioned at an angle, connects the doors of all bedrooms, making it the heart of the home where everyone naturally converges.

The living room boasts two distinct seating areas: a formal space and an informal one, each offering its own charm. A chic bar nook sits perfectly between the living and dining areas, inviting you to unwind. The floor, adorned with luxurious Versace marble featuring a grey base and delicate gold veins, sets a sophisticated tone for the entire décor.

In the informal seating area, a plush Chesterfield sofa invites relaxation, while the formal space is graced with stately bottle green leather chairs as accent furniture. The Versace marble theme seamlessly transitions onto the dining table, creating a harmonious flow from floor to tabletop. The dining area, with its ornate chairs, radiates regal sophistication, turning every meal into a royal experience.

Enhancing the grandeur, the living room is further enriched with fluted panelling and antique mirrored walls. The interplay of grey Versace marble, gold accents, and the rich bottle green leather furniture, combined with the cozy allure of Chesterfield seating, transforms this living room into a regal yet inviting retreat for the homeowners and their guests.

The Master Bedroom/Suite:

The master bedroom was designed to have a complete suite look, with the bed positioned according to Vastu principles on an angular wall. This arrangement naturally guided anyone entering the room towards the bed space, which was centrally located, giving the impression of an island bed. On either side of the bed, utility areas were seamlessly integrated, including an open jacuzzi, shower space, and a walk-in wardrobe. The use of beige marble and walnut veneers and lightly painted walls made the space feel larger, especially with natural light pouring in. The large windows offered a scenic view of Powai Lake, enhancing the room’s luxurious and spacious feel.

The Son's Room:

Meet our 15-year-old son, whose passion for the fast-paced life of racing cars inspired the design of his bedroom. Adorned with a white brick wall and accents of royal blue décor, his space exudes a vibrant energy synonymous with his interests. An open bathroom and walk-in wardrobe provide ample room for his music instruments, as he enjoys composing tunes in his downtime. A floating bed with a high back offers comfort and style, while a cozy study area overlooks the picturesque Powai gardens, providing the perfect setting for his creative pursuits in music.

The Daughter's Room:

In contrast, our 11-year-old daughter’s room reflects her love for all things pink and feminine. With beige marble flooring as the backdrop, her space is transformed into a sanctuary of soft hues and elegance. The bathroom, clad in rose marble, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to her private retreat. Positioned in a corner, her bed allows for ample playing space, complemented by a charming round seat in vibrant red. It’s a space that perfectly captures her youthful spirit.


Transforming this lake house in Powai was an incredibly rewarding experience. By focusing on the breathtaking views, luxurious materials, and thoughtful interior design, we created a home that is not only beautiful but also functional for the family. This project perfectly illustrates how interior design can enhance the way we live, making everyday moments extraordinary.

Stay tuned for more Design Chronicles where we continue to explore the art of transforming spaces!