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DESIGN CHRONICLES: PART 3 - The Timeless Elegance of Black & White

Area: 5000 SQFT
Location: Bandra, Mumbai


Embarking on the journey of transforming a 4500 sqft abode overlooking the magnificent Mumbai sea-link into a striking black and white sanctuary was both a challenge and a dream come true. Meeting my client, a dynamic woman entrepreneur with a clear vision for her home, felt like serendipity. In our 3-hour rendezvous, we delved deep into her aspirations, and one thing was unequivocally clear – she desired a black and white haven. Thus began our journey of crafting divine design together.

The Living Room:

Step into the heart of this abode, a sprawling 2000 sqft living room adorned with two LCD screens, a homage to my client’s passion for cricket and cinema. The central seating area invites gatherings, while a sleek black glass bar, illuminated from within, stands as a centre piece of sophistication. Flexibility meets functionality as the fourth bedroom seamlessly transforms into a storytelling studio, concealed behind a sliding screen door. Meticulously chosen white marble, devoid of any grains, amplifies the sense of space, complementing serene white couches and a sprawling carpet. The aesthetic wall behind the bar serves dual purposes, concealing storage while enhancing the bar’s allure.

The Master Room:

In the master retreat, hues of white envelop the space, evoking a sense of serenity akin to drifting clouds. A king-size bed adorned with a quaint bed end exudes luxury, while fluted panels in beige discreetly house utility storage, including a fridge and mini-bar. Carefully curated art pieces adorn the walls, adding a touch of elegance. The walk-in wardrobe, a testament to meticulous design, effortlessly accommodates an extensive wardrobe collection, from beachwear to office attire, ensuring both functionality and style.

Guest Rooms:

Each guest room exudes functional elegance with a black and white palette accentuated by marble accents. The vanity wall seamlessly transitions into a panelled backdrop, housing essential utilities and an LCD screen. Textured backdrops behind cozy beds infuse character into these serene retreats, welcoming guests into a world of comfort and sophistication.


As an interior designer, collaboration with my clients is paramount. Together, we transform visions into realities, ensuring every space is imbued with both form and function. Crafting this black and white masterpiece was not just a project but a journey of creative exchange and mutual understanding. With each design element meticulously curated, this abode stands as a testament to timeless elegance, a sanctuary where form truly follows function. And as the journey continues, so does our pursuit of design excellence.


Working with 7Nirvana was an absolute delight! What stood out the most was her unique approach and meticulous process of understanding my preferences down to the smallest detail. It was a refreshing change from other interior designers I had encountered. From the very beginning, she grasped my desire for a minimalistic and classy aesthetic, and every element she selected reflected that vision perfectly.

What truly impressed me were the subtle nuances she added to elevate the space. It was evident that every choice was made with careful consideration and attention to detail. Payal and her team demonstrated a genuine commitment to putting the client first, never imposing their own views but instead, working collaboratively to bring my vision to life.

Throughout the project, Payal made it clear that she was not just designing a house for herself, but for me. This level of dedication and understanding made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. I couldn’t be happier with the result and would highly recommend 7Nirvana to anyone seeking a truly personalized and exceptional interior design experience.